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“The quality of Bridgeford’s research, and the originality of his suggestions, are delightful.” - Fiona Hook, Sunday Independent

“An often gripping yarn . . . Bridgeford gives an exciting account of the tapestry’s busy drama and engaging realism.” - Graham Robb, Daily Telegraph

“Bridgeford marshals the battalions of his argument with all the analytical force, lucidity and panache of a counsel from the golden age of advocacy.” - Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

“An enjoyable and significant book”
- J. F. Szabo and N. E. Keufler, Bibliography of the Bayeux Tapestry

“Cleverly and persuasively done”
- Roger Miller, Washington Times

“Here is an author who could easily make a living writing thrillers because it is precisely this technique he has applied to this highly readable book. We are left chapter after chapter on the edge of our seat ... a haunting book.” - Sir Roy Strong, Daily Mail

“Superbly engaging.” - Sunday Telegraph

“Bridgeford . . . suggests convincingly that the text identifies Eustace as Harold's killer.” - Fiona Hook, Sunday Independent

“Mr. Bridgeford takes readers on a fascinating image-by-image tour of the tapestry and makes a forceful case that it represents ‘the lost chronicle of the English.’ He succeeds marvelously in showing that the Bayeux Tapestry is a richer and more mysterious work than is commonly believed.” - Wall Street Journal

“Bridgeford is a persuasive and enthusiastic writer, and his tone is conversational. The book’s map and genealogical charts are enough to make any history buff salivate and the color reproductions of the tapestry are a treasure . . . a readable fascinating analysis of this mysterious work of art.” - Cleveland Plain Dealer

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